Our Members


Our Members


A Community, Not Just A Gym



Our members show up each day for two reasons. They show up to get the best work out of their lives and they show up to see friends. People throw around words like community because we all want to be part of something. But we live it. There's something about giving your all because the person next to you is doing the same. Our members came to get better. And they found results and friendships. That's why they come back.


Our Space

Our Space

Compete With Yourself, Not For Space

We provide more space than any other CrossFit Gym in the Northland of Kansas City


Our Why

Our Why


Our Mission: We are building a fitness community where every person is becoming their healthiest, happiest and best self.

At CFN we believe in the amazing capacities of people. We believe that we are meant for an abundant life and we trust that a lifestyle crafted through fitness, health and community is the kind of lifestyle we all wish to live. 

Our Vision: We are empowering, educating and equipping the greater KC Northland area through the avenues of health, fitness and our gym community.

At CFN we believe in the power of community. We employ a staff of trainers who seek to encourage, educate, and befriend every client each day. 

Our Journey: We are continuing to improve the quality of our life through health, fitness and community.

Each class is a progression forward in our journey at CFN. At the end, we hope it was the best hour of your day. We hope you had a chance to relieve some stress, catch up with some friends, and feel better than you did when you arrived.



Our Promise

Our Promise


Here's our promise: We will make you better. And you get to decide what better means. We are so confident in our program, our community, and our coaches that if you commit, if you show up 3-4 time a week, if you put forth your best effort, you will see results. Whether it is through regular CrossFit classes, personal training, or nutrition consulting, we are here to partner with you.  

CrossFit Northland will improve the quality of your life. 


Our Coaches

Our Coaches

CrossFit Certified Coaches

David Pope


David is most likely the first to greet you at the door with an enthusiastic hello, and a personalized nickname for you.  He graduated from Park Hill High School in 2006 and went on to graduate with a mechanical engineering degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. After working as a civilian engineer for the U.S. Navy in VIrginia, David moved  back to Kansas City in 2016. Along with his CrossFit Level 1, he is a Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms). Among other roles, David handles the programming for CFN. 

David thoroughly enjoys music, acting and the theater, as well as hiking in any landscape. He is also a wizard in quoting movies and television shows. Quiz him. He'll know. 

"I enjoy CrossFit because it is an amazing training methodology that enhances life on all levels. Furthermore, it builds community in really neat ways.  Our community is incredible. Our time together is awesome."

"I coach because I like helping people become their happiest, healthiest and fittest self. I enjoy movement and movement that enriches and enhances life. Seeing someone make progress, reach a goal, dig deep, or show up and work hard is one of my favorite parts of the day."  

Jason Willis

Jason is a 2001 graduate of Oak Park HS where he was a member of the nationally ranked Northmen Wrestling team. He has worn several caps throughout adulthood working in anything from ministry to construction. He is currently an account executive at Grantham University and is working on his degree in business. He is recently married to his wife Courtney and they have two beautiful kids, Peyton and Graham. Jason holds multiple certifications including his CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Weightlifting and USAW Weightlifting.

"I CrossFit because I like to be in shape and ready to do any physical activity that might present itself. There are many things I do in CrossFit that I would never do on my own.

I coach because I enjoy watching people be successful. And you can (and should) celebrate the smallest things. Like someone’s first box jump or first perfect pushup. And you can celebrate huge accomplishments like someone’s 500lb deadlift PR. And at CFN there’s just as much excitement around the first accomplishment as there is around the second."

Jeff Milton

spartan 2.jpg

Jeff is a Kansas City native who supports, promotes, and enjoys helping people transform into the fullest expression of who they are. He has been doing CrossFit for two years.

"For me, CrossFit is more than exercise. It is an avenue for growth in all spheres of life. I deeply value CFN for being an encouraging, fun, and inspiring group of people."  

Jeff graduated from Baker University with a degree in sociology and is the former director of high school ministries at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. He is currently obtaining his master's degree in Christian Spiritual Formation and Church Leadership through Friends University. 

His wife, Caroline and him enjoy doing Spartan Races together. However, she typically wins and he barely finishes. 

Taylor Kraft


Taylor began her time with CFN as a member. As she began to enjoy training more and more, she decided to give coaching a try and we’re glad she did. Taylor offers a group class dynamic that is both fun and challenging. She is always able to pick you up when you think you can’t get that next rep and jump your case when you should be pushing harder.

Taylor works as a speech pathologist when she’s not coaching and her husband Mikail is in medical school.

Lindsey Osborne


Lindsey Osborne holds a BA in History and Business from William Jewell, a Masters of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary, and has 3 active kids: Elijah 9, Andi 7, and Oakley 2. Yes, she can manage to hold all three at once. Lindsey works part time for Young Life and enjoys good books, great friends, and lots of dates (both with her husband and the pitted kind).

“As a high school softball player and a recreational distance runner in college, working out was an enjoyable stress release but didn't produce results in muscle tone or core strength. After starting Crossfit in 2011, strength and health took on new meaning and my body took a new shape. Crossfit has changed my life, allowed me a healthy and strong 3rd pregnancy, and gives me a great community to challenge, encourage, and push me to the next 20 pounds in my back squat! My favorite part of coaching at the gym is working with women and watching people reach their fitness goals!”

I coach because I love hosting a room of people who have come to workout, see friends, be encouraged, challenged, and held accountable. Bringing people together, leading them through the WOD and sending them out with high five is my coaching privilege.

I CrossFit because I love the people, the results in my personal fitness, the constantly changing workouts that challenge any stasis my body would settle into and because Crossfit has taught me: I like lifting weights, I can do hard things and because I'm showing my kids that fitness and strength are parts of living a healthy and fun life!"

Manny Catano


Manny is a fireman in Blue Springs and a former professional soccer player. He was drafted in the MLS by the Columbus Crew after a stellar career at Park University. He also spent some time in the USL and NASL. He is a founding member of the Harambe soccer club and still actively coaches club soccer. He was a high school soccer coach for many years at Park Hill and helped train some of the area’s premier players from the last decade or so.

Manny has been at CFN from the beginning. In fact, when we approached Manny to see if he’d be interested, we learned he’d been doing CrossFit for a year or so at the fire station. Anyone taking a class from Manny can tell he is a stickler for doing things right when it comes to form and technique and his coaching is top notch. Everyone loves Manny’s classes. Manny is CrossFit Level 1 certified and also holds certifications in Movement and Mobility, Weightlifting, and Endurance.

Additionally, Manny and his wife Christy have 2 wonderful children Bella and Giovanni.

Christie Smeal


 Christie is from Norman, Ok and an alum of Oklahoma University, with a degree in sociology and MEd Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. Christie also played on the women’s soccer team during her time at Oklahoma. She’s been doing CrossFit for five years. When not coaching, Christie loves to hike, bike, paddle-board and anything that involves the great outdoors. She enjoys continuing her education, reading anything from fantasy, classic literature, leadership, nutrition, history and more. 

“I’m lucky to have so many amazing friends that I get to share some amazing experiences with and family is incredibly important to me so spending as much time as I can with my nephews, niece, sister, bro-in-law and mom is at the top of my list.
I love CrossFit because it allows me to maintain a high level of fitness using movements that I was familiar with and loved as a college athlete but never would have programmed for myself without any guidance.    I love CrossFit Northland because it has kept me accountable to myself by providing a wonderfully supportive community that strives to be its best while encouraging me to be and do my best as well.  CFN has also blessed me with the opportunity to further my edification and passion for fitness.  Being a coach has allowed me to further understand the positive affects fitness has had on me personally and the wellbeing of our community, but also helping me to realize the importance of sharing that passion with others.”

Steve Redmond II


Steve is a former football player at the University of Missouri, and currently is the squat king at CFN. While working in the youth ministries department at Vineyard Church, he also serves as a husband and father to three wonderful girls. Steve wants to prepare and equip the next generation by teaching, challenging, and encouraging them to be healthy, successful in their dreams, and with a solid character.