It is almost like we are proud parents all over again. Opening the box of kettlebells we ordered from Rogue Fitness, we spent time reading aloud the weight of each one just like it was a newborn. The reason for all the excitement? We love what kettlebells can do for a workout when it comes to CrossFit. I myself was humbled the first time I picked up the cannonball looking object. It wasn't until I found the hip load and fire action necessary to lift a kettlebell that I truly started to embrace all that it can do for an individual. It didn't hurt that I was trying to swing one for :60 seconds.

We are looking forward to all of our members embracing the kettlebell just as much as we have for the following reasons:

1. Hip Movement - many new athletes that grab the kettlebell think they are going to st start working their arms and shoulders out like never before. The hip load and fire that occurs is so similar to the many other movements we have in CrossFit: deadlift, box jumps and thrusters come to mind. Once an athlete feels that fire that sends the kettlebell up to eye level, it's like something clicks immediately and they can start increasing weight immediately.

2. Core Training - one of the areas I was humbled with when I first started CrossFit was how weak my core was. Try moving a kettlebell without engaging your core and see what happens. As we train individuals more with the kettlebells we anticipate seeing their core strengthed quickly. Don't forget, your core also includes your back. Kettlebell swings are known for strengthing the back as well.

3. Variability - with variablity being one of the CrossFit tenants, kettlebells will become key in adding different movements to our programming. It's not just swings. It's farmers walks, sdhps, turkish get ups, squats and many more.

We look forward to seeing the chalk marks hit on the kettlebells in the coming weeks.