I used to think being a strong parent meant I could open a jar of pickles or move a couch to get a matchbox car. Following the birth of our son Joe, who seems at times to be made of Red Bull, that I found myself not feeling strong. When I came home from work, the last thing the kids wanted me to do was sit on the couch. That's when I made the change and started taking part in CrossFit. And it changed my life forever. What CrossFit did for me was increase my capacity for work and physical activity more than ever before. My days include working a full-time job, participating in CrossFit workouts and building CrossFit Northland with Dustin Sollars and Manny Catano. I never would of had the energy to do all of this without CrossFit.



As I progress and become healthier and increase my overall fitness, I think of a very powerful statement from the CrossFit training - "Done right, fitness provides a great margin of protection against the ravages of time and disease."

CrossFit will enable me to:

  • be strong and fit when my grand kids are born - I want to be the grandpa that can wrestle with the grand kids and trek all over Disney with them for an entire week.
  • prolong the time that Kate and Joe can beat me in any sport - I want to hear my kids when they are in college complaining how they can't beat me in basketball or golf.

But maybe most importantly, CrossFit will help instill how important health and fitness are to my kids and hopefully our family for our lifetime. As I watch my 6-year-old daughter mimic the workouts she sees mom and dad do, I'm reminded that they watch and emulate our every move. I want my kids to grow up seeking the level of health and fitness that I waited 33 years to find.