When I started doing CrossFit I fell in love with it for several reasons.  People were doing awesome things.  The workouts were dynamic, intense and constantly varied.  It made me feel good about what I could accomplish and about myself in general.  It had a subculture that was difficult to really measure yourself against, but still immediate enough to lure you into thinking you could get there if you really committed.  There were literally a hundred reasons I loved CrossFit.  This week I’ve been reminded of a few more.













The change in me, going from a novice CrossFitter to a trainer and box owner has been full of surprises and joy.  It’s allowed me to make exercise and fitness a bigger part of my life.  It’s helped me make fitness more of a priority in my family, particularly with my kids.  Yesterday I caught my son (Beckett) criticizing my daughter’s (Harper) choice of snack because it had “way too much sugar to be healthy.”  Being able to know that as a father, I’m doing things for my kids and laying a foundation now that has the potential to really shape and impact them for the rest of their lives is a great and wholly satisfying feeling. 

But lately I’ve come to love CrossFit for new reasons.  I’m loving the community of individuals that have come to CrossFit Northland.  And I don’t love them because they put up huge numbers or firebreather type times on WODs.  I don’t love them because they wear those funny shoes that make me fear stubbed toes (Chad).  I love that husbands come to work out with their wives.  I love that at the end of a WOD I can see a wife down on one knee encouraging her husband to finish.  I love that husbands and wives pair up in partner WODs.  I love that the wife comes at 5:30 in the morning and when the husband comes at 7:30 the first thing he does is walk over to check  her time.  I like that when our athletes gather for a Paleo Thanksgiving, the kids are doing burpees or playing on the rings and trying to do pullups.  I love that my son always wants to do abmat situps despite the fact that the abmat is the entire length of his back. 

In all, I love what is happening to families and, by extension, to the community we’re helping to create.  I love hanging out and talking about our jobs and lives after the WOD.  I like that if I want to buy a house, get financial advice, need a handyman, get legal advise, spiritual guidance, or goalkeeper training, I need look no further than the group of people working themselves to death and dripping sweat all over our floors.  I’m amazed at the group of people that have chosen to make CrossFit Northland more than a gym.  And make no mistake, I’m still totally in awe of the transformation.  It’s not just a place to meet cool people, they’re doing some real work. Keep it up gang; thanks for your commitment to making CFN a cool place to get better. - Dustin Sollars