Here's the thing, resolutions, particularly those created around New Year's, are largely stupid and ineffective. This isn't just my own brilliant postulation though, it's true. I love numbers. I'm terrible with them, but that doesn't dull the power they have over me. Here are some for your New Year's viewing pleasure.

  • 45% of Americans set New Year's resolutions
  • only 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions every year
  • 19% are successful every other year in achieving their resolutions
  • 49% have infrequent success achieving their resolutions
  • 24% NEVER achieve their resolutions

That means roughly 3 out of 4 people almost never succeed in achieving their resolutions. Here are some more stats:

Top 5 resolutions of 2011:

1)lose weight,

2)pay off debt

3)spend time with family

4)quit drinking/smoking

5)be organized












Why am I reading CrossFit Northland blog about resolutions? Because CrossFit, unlike resolutions, has a transformative and real power to affect your life positively. Follow me on this for a minute. The number one reason people don't achieve resolutions is because they "don't have the time or will to commit". Think about it. We see crap like this all day everywhere. I can lower my cholesterol by just eating Cheerios for breakfast. I can lose weight by replacing two meals with Special K cereal. I can have rock hard abs (or buns or arms or legs) of steel in just 8 minutes a day. This kind of get rich quickism thinking is what has plagued 3 out of 4 of us for years.

So achieving a resolution takes time. Hot damn. That's it. You mean to tell me that if I want something valuable, I have to work for it? Damn you. And thank you. Here's the thing, there's no shortcut to changing your life. And CrossFit makes no bones about that. Is it hard? Yes. Does it hurt at times? Yes. Will you find yourself wondering why you're doing this? Yes. Will you want to quit? Probably. But if you have the time and the will, I can promise you results are not far away. And do you see how easily 4 of the top resolutions revolve around #1? If I lose weight I will be ultimately much happier with myself. I'll have more confidence and a general sense of accomplishment than before. And that confidence/happiness/accomplishment will likely be enough. I won't have to go out and spend money on things to make my life better, because my life is great the way it is.

And if I'm not out wasting money, or working a second job to pay off my debt, I can spend more time with my family. So now I'm happy/confident/accomplished, debt free, and getting to spend time with my family. So there's no need to chase artificial highs that I might find in smoking or drinking (plus they ruin my Fran time). And I'm not sure how to tie this to being organized. And if I did make that connection, it'd be bullshit anyway. Anyone who knows me knows I am the last person to talk to about being organized.

With New Year's and its inevitable resolutions around the corner, do yourself a favor. Make a resolution that actually means something. Pick one that is valuable and meaningful and hard to achieve. Because those are the ones that matter. Goals aren't goals because everyone can accomplish them. Goals are hard to accomplish, that's why they're goals. So have one. Pick whatever you want. But recognize that nearly every facet of your life is affected by your health. And if you're serious about making a difference in your life, the first step is likely making a difference in your health. And there are few sure fire ways out there to make that difference. But I can think of one and it rhymes with Schmossfit Schmorthland. Click here to give it a try and Happy New Year.