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CrossFit Northland WODS - December 21-December 25

CrossFit Northland Kansas City




Five rounds for time of: 155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps 155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps 155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps


Death by Thruster 95/65


2:00 min max double unders

:30 sec rest

1:00 min max double unders

Accumulate 7 mins at the bottom of an overhead squat with PVC



4x5 Front squat  50%, 60%, 70%, 80%

Open Wod 12.3

18 min AMRAP

15 Box jumps 24/20

12 Push press 115/95

9 Toes-2 Bar


Christmas Eve WOD

12 Days of Christmas

1 Deadlift (95/65)

2- Cleans (95/65)

3- Push Press (95/65)

4- Front Squats (95/65)

5- KB Swings (53/44)

6- Pull Ups

7- Push Ups

8- Wall Balls (20/14)

9- Walking Lunges (35/25)

10- Ab Mat Sit Ups

11- Over-the-Bar Burpees

12- Box Step Ups (45/35)

30 Minute Cap





CrossFit Northland Competes in I35 Winter Storm Games


Congrats to the 3 teams that competed this past weekend. The CFN coaches are proud of your movement, teamwork and competitive spirit.

Points of performance were met and the our athletes looks very organized throughout the WODs. We see more competitions in the future for CFN athletes.

Congrats to Brett Otto, Hayden Bock, Hannah Barnett, Manny Catano, Christie Smeal, Daniel Weinert, Taylor Kraft, Nathan Soltice, Alexis Aipperspach, Bridget Netherton, Ashley Jones and Shawn Glen.

The CFN Community cheering on our athletes.





WOD - June 16, 2015

CrossFit Northland Kansas City


Snatch 5 x 3


3 Rounds for Time Run 600 Meters 12 Deadlifts (bodyweight) 21 Box Jumps (20 inch)



CFN's Top 10 - 2015 Attendance

CrossFit Northland Kansas City

Top 10 CFN - 2015 Attendance

Congrats to the 1Q Athletes that led the pack in terms of WODs completed. Will you be on the list at the end of June?

Leon Versfeld 66

Michael Loring 53

Daniel Weinert 52

Tara Kaiser 52

Brett Otto 49

Renee  Haug 49

Gabriel Lancaster 47

Lyndsy Morton 47

Brad Anderson 46

Hannah Barnett 46

Jodi  Adolf 46



D@mn You Repeat Workouts

How ticked were you to see that 15.2 was 14.2? Be honest. I was upset. I didn't like it last year and I didn't like it this year. Like most people, at this time last year I vowed to chest to bar pullups more often. Didn't happen. Isn't that how it is though? We take time off when work gets busy. We take time off when our kids have stupidly frequent activities. We sign our kids up for everything in the hopes that they'll find something they like and enjoy being active. That way they're not the fat kid in school or the lazy adult after school. But in reality, we're schlepping our kids all across town and we are turning into the fat or lazy adult we're trying to keep them from becoming. Because we sacrifice a lot, our fitness, our needs sometimes take a back seat. I get it. I'm living it right now and it's embarrassing. My wife and I planned out the next 3 months of family schedules and activities and I think I'll get to see her April 19th. Super excited to see you, babe!

Too often we make excuses. We need to stop. And the kind folks at the CrossFit Games have told us now that everyone isn't making excuses. CrossFit is a data driven endeavor. We preach results based fitness. We test and retest wods regularly to see if we're getting stronger, faster, a better motor. Well, 15.2 did just that, but for the entire community. Look at these numbers.

Last year the high score on 14.2 was 404 reps. This year, 13 athletes beat that score.



In case you're thinking that only the elite athletes are getting better, stop it. You're only going to get more depressed. This year showed us that 80.8% of all athletes improved over their 14.2 scores. Specifically, men scored an average of 11.8 reps better. And women scored 13.5 reps better.

So right when you're feeling good about everything. You've convinced yourself it's okay that you're not doing well because you've got all this other stuff going on, you get the news. Turns out 8/10 CrossFitters ARE getting better. You're the minority. At this impasse we're faced with two options.

First, continue to make those excuses. After all, kids are important, so is work. And things will eventually lighten up enough that you can get back in it. And man, when that time comes, you'll be committed. You'll jump back on that horse and rid, baby! Second, suck it up. It's always hard to restart. They say only 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions and 70% quit by March.

So don't quit. If you're really busy, make it once or twice a week instead of your usual four or five visits. Hit up a Sunday afternoon class. Do something at home when you can't get to the gym. We all get there at some point. But we don't have to stay there. For me, the Open data told me two things. One, other people are making less excuses than I am. Two, the programming works. That's the beauty of this. It's not like you're going to get up each day and do some long, slow distance stuff or hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. You're going to come to CrossFit. And we're getting to the point (some would argue we're there already) that CrossFit is empirically proving its methodology, when applied, yields positive fitness results. So get up one more time. Commit to doing what works. Come on back in the doors and take an a$$ whoopin'. You need it. I know I do.

See you at the gym.




WOD - February 13

CrossFit Northland Kansas City CrossFit Northland Kansas City



100 Double Under Buy In (3 to 1)

25 Knees to Elbow 50 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14) 25 Ring Dips 50 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14) 25 KB Swings (53/44)

100 Double Under Buy Out

*25 Minute Cap



Games Season is Here...

Games Season is Here...

It’s that time of the year again.

The 2015 CrossFit Open is upon us. Registration is open and available and it takes about 5 minutes.  Before we get into why this is a great opportunity, let’s learn a bit about the Open and its general purpose.

The Open consists of 5 weeks of workouts (1 per week). The workout is typically unveiled on a Thursday evening and participants have until midnight the following Monday to complete the wod and submit scores. Individual participants are grouped in different age divisions: Men, Women, Masters Men (40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+), Masters Women (same age breaks), and Teens. Teens is new this year (two divisions [14-15, 16-17]). And a Scaled Division!=

So you complete 5 workouts, submit your scores. We verify the scores were legit. Also, if you’re traveling, you can generally complete them at any CrossFit gym. Just call ahead and ask them if you can stop in to do the Open wod. We have accommodated countless travelers in the past. You receive a score for each wod and you are ranked according to your age division. After all 5, they will take about the top 43-50 from each Region. There are 17 Regions, globally. We participate in the North Central Region. A couple weeks after the Open, if you qualified, you go to Regionals. From there, if you finish in the top 3 at Regionals, you go to the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles. And then we see you on ESPN.

Last year 209,585 people participated in the Open across Earth. We are still unsure if there were other lifeforms on other planets that submitted scores. Though we assume if there is intelligent life out there, they probably do CrossFit.

Our Take

We have a different sort of stance on the Games. We would love to see someone qualify for Regionals and the Games and we would undoubtedly cram into cars and planes and come see you in LA, but we like the idea of the Open as more of a barometer to check your fitness and a way to build community.  There are a million ways to compare yourself, if that’s your thing. Last year they implemented custom scoreboards so you could make a scoreboard for you and 5 buddies or you could make one for all the gyms in KC or whatever. We think it’s a great chance to compare you against yourself. See how you did compared to last year. Set a baseline for this year and see how far you can get next year.

This year we are going to host our wods on Thursday night and Saturday mornings. You will show up, have a judge, and get your score one of those two times. Additionally, we are giving a new CFN water bottle to everyone that completes the 5 wods. And fear not, you can do them. Every wod is structured in a way that allows anyone to get a score. You’ll be fine. You can begin your registration at this link: Follow the directions from there, and join our team. You will receive things from us weekly during the Open about motivation, encouragement, and the like. Best of luck. Time to go test your fitness!

We are doing the Open. Are you?



WOD - February 10, 2015

CrossFit Northland Kansas City CrossFit Northland Kansas City


20 Minute AMRAP

1 Hang Power Snatch #115/#75

3 Toes 2 Bar

5 Box Jumps 24/20

7 Goblet Squats (53/44)

25 Double Unders



CrossFit Northland's 2015 Clean Eating Challenge

CrossFit Northland Eating Clean

CFN Clean Eats Challenge 2015

One Month of Eating Clean and Focused Workouts

This is a gym-wide challenge offering athletes the support and motivation to eat clean for the month of February.  Let’s all focus on better health, getting stronger and hit reset on our metabolism.

When: Kick off and info session is on Sunday, February 1st.  We will have a WOD at 11:00am and Clean Eating details at 12:00.  The challenge won’t begin until Monday February 2nd and extends thru February 28th, 2015.  We’ll let you get one last cheat meal in for Super Bowl Sunday.

How: It's simple. RSVP for the challenge here and play by the rules below.  Athletes who accumulate at least 24 days of clean eating along with meeting the workout and mobility objectives will receive a CFN Beach Towel.  Let’s gets those bodies ready for the beach!

Athletes accumulate a Clean Day by doing the following:

  • Eating Clean - no gluten, sugar, dairy, peanuts, potatoes, corn, soy, or alcohol (athletes are allowed legumes/and whole grains 1-2 times per week). 75+ ounces of water.
  • Working Out - athletes must complete 4 of the programmed WODS during weekly classes at CFN.
  • Mobility/Goat Work - athletes must complete 3 mobility or skill sessions per week.

Cost of challenge: $15

Challenge scoring will occur at the gym.

Click below for some great resources:

Shopping List







CrossFit Northland Kansas City



WOD - January 23, 2015

facility-37b CrossFit Northland Kansas City



5 Minute AMRAP

10 Deadlift (bw)

5 Burpees


3 Minutes of Rest


5 Minute AMRAP

20 Jumping Lunges

10 Clapping Push Ups


3 Minutes Rest


5 Minute AMRAP

5 Over the Box Jumps 24/20

30 Ab Mat Sit Ups



WOD - January 19, 2015

CrossFit Northland Kansas City KCI  

CrossFit Northland Kansas City


STRENGTH ENDURANCE(in partners of two)

AMRAP in 6 minutes

-5 reps a piece of Clean & Jerk 115# / 75#

One bar to share between the two.

I Go. You Go.


Complete For Time 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 rep rounds of

-Wall ball shots 20# / 14# to a 10' / 9' marker -KB Swings 53# / 44# -Box jump 24" / 20"

Each round for each movement MUST be done unbroken. Athletes do 3 reps unbroken rest then do the next 3, then the next 3, rest in between those movements. Start round of 6 reps rest the next 6 of next movement, rest. If you only do three of the next and break you must start that movements round of six not all three of the round of six.

20 Minute Cap



WOD - January 15, 2015

CrossFit Northland Kansas City  

CrossFit Northland Kansas City


4-4-4-4 Overhead Squat


15 Minute AMRAP OF 5 Burpees 4 Burpee Box Jump 20"/16" 3 Plate Burpee 45#/35# 2 Burpee Pull Up 1 Burpee Broad Jump



WOD - January 6, 2014

crossfit northland kansas city WOD - CrossFit Northland Kansas City


Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3


5 Rounds for Time

10 Deadlifts 185/135 10 Decline Push Ups (RX feet must be 12” off the ground)



CFN Announces Referral Program

In a few short weeks, 2014 will come to a close. Soon we will be surrounded by friends and family members making resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, eat better, and what have you. Happily, you probably aren’t making resolutions like that because you’ve shown up all year and busted your ass. And we thank you for that. As you look at your shopping list this season, we’d encourage you to think about giving the gift of fitness (so you don’t have to hear your friends gripe about failed resolutions in February). CrossFit Northland Kansas City

We want to help you give them the best gift they’ll receive this year. So, bring them to the gym. December 15th - January 31st is bring a friend month at CFN. For every friend, relative, and/or stranger that signs up for a 6 or 12 month membership, you will receive 1 free month for yourself. There is no limit to how many people you can bring. Heck, bring your whole softball team and get 9 free months. We are most proud of the community at CrossFit Northland. We love the friends we’ve made and the memories we’ve shared. We can think of no better gift to give than admission to this tribe. If you feel so inclined, go share the progress you’ve made. Let someone know how much you love it. And save some money at the same time.

If you are referring someone to CFN, please have them click here to sign up for a class. Make sure they put your name on the waiver.

CFN Bring a Friend Workout & Chili Cookoff

We are hosting an event to help celebrate the referral program. CFN's Bring a Friend Workout & Chili Cookoff will be a great opportunity to share our community. You and your friends will also have a great workout!



Every Movement Deserves Attention

For those of you that were unaware, I'm a teacher. I teach high school English to mostly seniors. Moreover, mostly really smart seniors.  But this semester I my schedule changed a bit and rather than the Advanced Placement class (which I'll teach again in the Spring), I'm teaching an ACT Prep class. Specifically, I'm teaching kids with a wide range of ACT scores and I'm only working with them on the English portion of the test. CrossFit Northland Kansas City


You can imagine the excitement when kids enter my class and I spend the entire period on conjunctive adverbs and faulty or illogical conclusions.  Heck, this week I spent two days on the comma.The freakin' COMMA!  And to quote Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, "I teach the $hit, I didn't say I know how to do it," for those of you now inspecting my use of punctuation throughout the rest of the post.


But I'm noticing a parallel between my students and my athletes at the gym and it's worth bringing up. When my kids showed up and saw that I was spending an entire class period on the comma, or when we talk about subject/verb agreement, or any time we discuss things they should have learned in elementary or middle school, they just sort of tune out. The prevailing thought is easy to recognize, Oh, I know this. This is easy stuff. I don't need to really pay attention here.




A lot of times we get to the gym and see the WOD on the screen and see things with which we are readily familiar. Hell, we see movements and skip right over them thinking, Oh, this part'll be easy. I can make up some time here on the squats or here lunges.

Point is, we treat certain movements like commas. We discount the need to think about them or focus on them because they're basic, because they're familiar, because we think they're easy.  And we couldn't be further from the truth. A WOD might include pushups and squats and any coach at any class can walk through and see chests not hitting the deck and asses above knees. We should have learned and mastered these things long ago, but after a bit, we quit paying attention to them. When the coach starts to go over the squat during the workout description, most of us see that as a great time to run and fill up our water bottle, or run out to the car to grab a jump rope or to talk to the guy next to you. Because they're squats! Who needs to listen to talk about squats, right? Then people wonder why they struggle with keeping their chests up during a front squat or why they can't get to the bottom of an overhead squat. It's because you didn't take the time to really master the basic air squat when it was introduced earlier. Like the comma, you didn't give it the attention it deserves.

And if you think I'm talking to you, I am. And if you think I'm not talking to you, you're likely wrong. I'm talking to a lot of folks. Beware shallow squatters, half pushupers and muted hip burpeers, your time has come.

Yesterday I gave a kid a practice test in my ACT class and he scored 4 points better than his last one. That's huge. I asked him what was different and said, "Commas Sollars! They're were like 15 or 16 questions that dealt with commas." Master the little stuff. Go back to the basics. You'll be infinitely surprised by how much better the rest of your  movements get. Good, luck, to, you, all.

Dustin Sollars - CFN Coach



What it means to compete....

Recently, a few of the CFN athletes competed in the 816 Halloween Throwdown. For a few, it was their first CrossFit competition. Those athletes shared their experiences below: CFN Halloween BW-64

Clinton Narayan

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable part of the competition would be the support and cheering that I received from the gym members that attended the event. Their support during events helped encourage me and I know that I would not have done as well without them. It reinforced my appreciation for the gym, it's members and the community that we have.


Advice that I would offer to someone doing their first competition would be to not get married and go on a honeymoon the week before your competition. It makes for a rough transition.

CFN Halloween BW-1

Halie Truax

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment was having so many people from our gym/community there supporting and/or competing. Truly makes a difference when you personally don't feel like you performed very well but everyone else only has kind words towards your efforts.


I learned that there is so much room for improvement but that there wasn't anything that I couldn't do. My advice is that competing is fun, that's why most of us do crossfit. Shouldn't be scared to compete, it's what we do every time we set foot in the gym! Pick a goal you want to accomplish by doing the comp, mine was something to work towards completing after having the babe.

CFN Halloween BW-78

Justin Greenhagen

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable part of the competition for me was in the final workout. I was set up to do Toes-to-bar right in front of a group of fellow CFNers. Their encouragement really helped push me through that final workout after a long day. Just in general, seeing so many CFN faces come out to support the competing athletes really made my day memorable.


Don't be intimidated and just have fun. You're going to be nervous and you're going to see athletes from many other gyms that you'll think are impossible to beat. And you may be right. When it all comes down to it, all you can do is do your best. If your best is first place or even dead last, take pride in knowing you gave it your all and try not to worry about how others did relative to you. If there's anything I've learned from the competitions I've done, it's that you have to go to have fun. If you go expecting to win, there's a great chance you'll be disappointed.

CFN Halloween BW-22

Kris Kifune

Most Memorable Moment

Most memorable part of the comp...staying motivated by the cfn members and hitting a pr.  It was awesome to see all the cfn family there and to cheer on everyone who competed.


Don't worry/have fun, stay hydrated, stay fed, and game plan everything.  During workouts with new people or surroundings I some  times forget to warm up or get caught up with what other people are doing. I have to remember that I perform better when I have a game plan and stick to it. Don't worry about what other people are doing during the workouts, the only person you are competing against is yourself and the clock. Food and water are important during  comps, it is good to know what foods won't affect your performance and how much time you need to digest.

CFN Halloween BW-46

Hannah Barnett

Most Memorable Moment

Awesome moment number one: I was so nervous for the WOD 2 with the weight lifting. I had everyone from CFN in my corner, and Jason Willis coaching me through it all. I've never been able to do that much weight on a lift like that, so when I got my PR, it was such a feeling of accomplishment. But in those moments looking down at that weight and knowing I might fail because this is quite a bit more weight than I've done before, and hearing 15 people from my own gym cheering me on, I had all the confidence in the world!


I learned that in those moments in a competition, its important to stay focused and positive no matter how good/ bad you are performing. I just had to go into each WOD thinking I could do this. Some times, in my normal workouts, I can get mentally down when I'm struggling with a movement or heavy weight. If you stay positive, you'll most likely surprise yourself. Adrenaline accompanied with some great motivators really allowed me to do things I had never done.

  • Be confident
  • Be positive
  • Stay humble
  • Respect others
  • Have fun

CFN Halloween BW-34

Manny Catano

Most Memorable Moment

For me the most memorable thing is after the competition and kinda going through a debriefing of what I just went through and if there are any lessons to be learned for my self. Intrinsically it's awesome to compete it's fun to put yourself out there, and I loved seeing all the people at CFN. That was pretty awesome.


For myself I learned that I need to work on oly lifting and also increasing my strength..The best advice I can give someone is to take it on with a grain of salt, go out there have fun and let the chips fall where they may. You'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have and it's always amazing to see folks come out and support you.

CFN Halloween BW-93

Lindsey Osborne

Most memorable Moment

I could hear the voices of my friends and family cheering me on through the dreaded and difficult toes to bar, and even appreciated the encouragement of my judge when caught standing over my bar. To hear people cheering me on, to feel my body pushed past limits, and to celebrate a goal within a goal (no missed double unders!), comprises a list of reasons I continue to pursue fitness through Crossfit training.


To anyone considering a competition, I'd say, "Go for it!". Sign up and commit, train harder and more focused than usual, and then get after it, all the while telling yourself, "I can do this. I can do hard and heavy things!" Enjoy the cheers and the satisfied soreness afterwards.

CFN Halloween BW-79

Amber Zabka

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable parts were probably seeing so many people cheering and encouraging me (even people who I thought didn't even know my name/who I was!) and also getting a PR on my snatch!


I learned that there will most likely be something I don't like/want to do in the competition, and I have to suck it up and still try my best. I'd tell other people that its not as scary as they might think to do a competition, and it can really show where they're weaknesses and strengths are (mentally and physically).

CFN Halloween BW-43

Tara Kaiser

Most Memorable Moment

For me, the most memorable part of the competition was the 2 RM for the power snatch/overhead squat event. I was dreading this event before the competition, because it combined two of my weakest CF movements. Before the event, I worked on the mechanics for these events with lighter weight and the PVC pipe, On the day of the competition, I managed to get a PR of 100LBS for a 2RM by focusing on the basic fundamentals of the lifts two weeks prior.


I leaned that if one is going to improve on any CF "goats" or movements that are not strong points, it is best to seek out events and/or competitions that force work on those weak points.

CFN Halloween BW-61

Christie Smeal

Most Memorable Moment

I would say the most memorable thing about the competition was the atmosphere, not only meeting and chatting with members from other gyms but also being able to hear your gym mates cheering for you and encouraging you to keep working hard and finish strong.


What would I tell someone who is thinking about doing their first comp or getting ready to compete in their first comp?  Enjoy it!  Just relax, have fun and push yourself to do the best you can that day but don't mentally psych yourself out.  Enjoy the atmosphere, have fun doing the WOD's and know that if you didn't do as well as you were hoping there will be other competitions and you always have the chance to make yourself better.

CFN Halloween BW-29




Building a STRONG Community

One of the most exciting things about CrossFit, besides the results (and the “Sh!t CrossFitters Say” video), is the community.  And CrossFit, from a global sense has dubbed “community” as one of the many facets of the regimen that sets it apart from other gyms and general fitness centers.  When they talk about community, it’s generally done with reference to working out.  I show up at the gym, put myself through about 40-50 minutes of hell with a room full of people, and we all develop a respect for one another.  Because I know what the WOD just did to me, I can respect the guy next to me laying on the ground because the WOD did the same to him.  Putting yourself through something strenuous on a regular basis with the same people starts to forge a friendship (and muscle tone).  


It gets to the point that folks show up and look around for the people they expect to see.  I’ve had members ask me if I’d heard from so and so because they’ve missed 2 or 3 days and something must be wrong.  So and so would never miss 2 or 3 days. Most of those conversations end in me checking up on someone.  But nonetheless, community is building at CrossFit Northland.

But I think our community is a little different than other places, and this is why:

The other day I was cleaning up and when I reached up to clean off some shelves I noticed a stack of flashcards, multiplication tables.  I’m not sure who they belonged to, maybe Mark Dobos, but they were left on the shelves at CFN.  This little, minute facet of my cleaning made me happier about the community taking shape at CFN than anything else has since we opened in September.

CrossFit gets a bad rep amongst newcomers and fitness gurus sometimes (not Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper-congrats on getting your level 1 cert, Bob!) because they think it’s dangerous.  They think it’s too hard, intensity is emphasized above form and technique, and that it’s a passing fitness fad that will have no real staying power.  I had a conversation with a guy at work I was trying to bring to the gym and he turned it down because he wasn’t nearly in as good of shape as those guys he saw on ESPN (2011 CF Games coverage).  I’ve spoken with others that had friend that went here or there and they didn’t like it because everybody was crazy ripped or talking about supplements or freaking out because somebody beat their times, etc.  Like any gym, CrossFit has its stable of superior athletic freaks.  They’ve got people that work out 4 times a day and scoff at you when you eat bread or don’t drink coconut water.  And we’ve got some guys at CFN even who have made monster progress and are putting up great results lately and could likely compete with some of the best around.




But you know what else we got?  We got flashcards.  If we have flashcards, we have kids.  And kids have moms and dads.  We have regular people here.  We have a community of people that squeeze in their time at CFN between Susie’s soccer practice, Billy’s piano lesson, and dinner.  We have working husbands and wives that meet each other after work at the gym, talk about dinner, then get after the WOD, sweating it out next to each other on the mats.  What I’m saying is that I love the group of people we have, and I’m happy that we’re not an either/or place.  Because our firebreather guys motivate and encourage everyone else in the gym without coming off as insincere or disingenuous.  And everyone else reminds our firebreathers that there’s more to life than a fast Fran time.  At CFN there are amazing things happening to people every day.  Not the least of which is memorization of multiplication tables.  Thanks again CFNers for making it fun to show up each day and get to impact your lives for an hour here or there.



CrossFit - The Magic is in the Movement

There’s a quote attributed to CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman where he says, “The magic is in the movements, the art is the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” I want to hit on one of those today, the movements. There is something unique about CrossFit and it is focused within the movements it espouses. CrossFit, as well as just about anyone else, claims to be a functional fitness program. What is functional fitness?

Functional, as far as CrossFit is concerned, is simply movements that are present in nature, in our everyday lives. If I want to pick something up from the ground and put it in a truck or on a shelf, I’m going to do a power clean and a press. If I’m holding my child, or a melon (if you’re without children) and I need to bend down to pick something up, it’s a squat, a weighted one. If I just need to pick something up from the ground, it’s a deadlift. Functional movements have some analog in nature. Deltoid raises, curls, tricep extensions, hamstring curls. None of those are natural movements. Aside from ignoring the actual function of the muscle (like the hamstring curl) these moves never occur in nature. If I saw a guy on the street with his elbows bent and repeatedly trying to push his shoulders into his ears or raise his elbows overhead, I’d think he’s a weird dude. It’s not until I put him inside a gym that that move starts to look like anything. It’s a gym move, not a natural one.









Natural movements are safe. When done properly, these are movements that have a profound benefit to your overall health. Can you get hurt doing these movements? Sure, you absolutely can. But you can also get hurt walking down the street if you’re not careful. So be careful, listen to your trainer. You’ll be fine.

Neuroendocrine Response

Another great thing about these natural movements is that they elicit a strong neuroendocrine response. Those are fancy science words for identifying a change that happens in your body either neurologically or hormonally. The adaptations we glean from exercise are due in large part to those movements producing a profound neuroendocrine response. You know how people used to get ripped with steroids because it would boost testosterone?









The movements we use do the same thing. These movements cause your body to raise its levels of testosterone and human growth hormone. Both of those are essential in building muscle. Another derivative of movements eliciting a nigh neuroendocrine response is increased bone density. And that will help keep you out of the nursing home, which should be everyone’s goal.

CrossFit Works

The idea that you can get fit by just doing something physical is not really true. Granted, if you’re really crazy out of shape, something is better than nothing. But if you’re really looking for real results and real fitness, you need to exercise with movements where a neuroendocrine response is at a premium. These movements are multi-joint movements. They are safe. They are natural. If it doesn’t happen in the real world, it’s crap. If you have to imagine yourself in a gym to make the movement make sense, you shouldn’t do it. To almost sum up all of CrossFit in about a paragraph, we turn back to coach Glassman: “Heavy load weight training, short rest between sets, high heart rates, high intensity training, and short rest intervals, though not entirely distinct components, are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response.”

Come do what works.