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What Inspires Us


“CrossFit Northland is an amazing community. I love that every day is a new day and a new challenge. All of us are at different fitness levels but we have the opportunity to grow in many different areas on a daily basis. The coaches pay attention to the little things and make time for all of us.

It feels like they are personally invested in our success. That is an amazing culture the CrossFit Northland provides that I have never found at another gym.”

Andrea Allen

Joe Coons

After being a flight paramedic I had taken an office job about 6 years ago. I went from working 24 hour shifts off with several days off a week to a 5 day per week job. When I was a medic, I was active outside on my days off so I was somewhat fit. When I moved into the office, I put on 30lbs sitting behind the desk. I had no energy and didn’t sleep well most of the time. I set up a no-sweat meeting with David and the rest is history as they say.

Now I feel great! I think I look much better too. Getting into the gym has become a habit that I enjoy. I am much more resilient when it comes to managing my stress and my energy level has improved a lot.”

Joe Coons

“I just started to notice I was tired all the time, I wasn’t eating super healthy and I wasn’t content with where I was at physically.

I had done the whole gym membership, group class thing in the past and I never really felt like I was progressing so while I was nervous to start the CrossFit adventure I did it anyway to put myself outside of my comfort zone! Glad I did, it’s great to feel like an athlete again!”

Lauren Magee

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