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The CrossFit Northland Vision

If you’ve been around our community or followed us on social media, you’ve likely heard or seen us speak to living life on your own terms because our vision at CrossFit Northland is to lead a tribe of strong, healthy humans living life on their own terms. 

Why a “tribe”?

Somewhere in the evolution of our species, humans realized that there was, in fact, safety in numbers. That we (the individual “we”) could increase our chances of survival through the act of cooperating and collaborating with our neighbors. These groups were often geographical in origin…but were centered around a larger concept of purpose and mission: keeping the group alive and safe. There were larger hunting targets that could be achieved with a park to work together towards success. When we (the group “we”) eventually settled down into gathering and farming habits, the community depended on the collective to perform all the functions necessary that the individual could not do on their own. In doing so, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. This is the essence of a tribe. The idea of synergy. That we, alone, are not as great or as impactful or as on-track or successful as we can be if the entirety of us are these things. Where one of us goes, we all go together. We’re like-minded, purpose-oriented, and here for others in the tribe. Because we know that what we achieve in isolation will be lesser than what we achieve in collaboration. 

When we speak to the terms “strong, healthy humans”, we’re not just referring to how much load one can handle. Instead, when we refer to “strong” in our mission and vision it has to do with one’s ability to do things. Strength is then a measure of how resilient one’s health is in the following areas: physical, mention, emotional, and spiritual. 

Now what does it mean to “live life on your own terms”? In very simple terms, this means living the life you want. Doing what you want to do with your physical being and not being limited by yourself or your both. Not accepting a diagnosis to “never squat again” or that you’ll never be able to play a sport or play with your kids or grandkids due to circumstances. Living life on your own terms is controlling what you can control and improving as much as possible towards the things you want to be able to do. 

Are you ready to live life on your own terms?

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