The Balance Between Safety and Intensity

In CrossFit we are often pushing the threshold between technically sound form, and intensity that might cause imperfections in form but help generate the results we’re after. But how do we know when we’ve hit that threshold?

Why Muscle Ups Matter To Every Single Athlete

Many more people will live an incredibly healthy life without successfully completing a muscle up than those that do complete one. Certainly there is a positive correlation between degree of fitness and ability to do one, but by no means is one required to be fit.So, why does it matter?  Why is a muscle up as important to the 25 year old young gun as it is to the 85 year old grandmother?

The Open is Over-Now What?

The five-week CrossFit Open is over-now what do we do to keep ourselves happy, healthy and progressing towards our fitness goals?

Mission: Become your Healthiest

Last time we talked about “become your happiest.” Today we’re going to focus on the second portion of our mission statement:  “become your healthiest.” Health is one of those funny words, like happiness, that is subjective and for most people is hard to define. What does it mean to be healthy? What does it mean to you?

Mission: Become Your Happiest

Our mission is to help people become their happiest, healthiest and best selves. But, what exactly does that mean? We begin a series exploring our mission statement!

Pure. Joy.

What does Pure JOY look like? The first think I think of is my 3 year old sprinting across the house from experience to experience.  When he is running he always has a smile on his face. He never thinks about the costs of running: exhaustion, breathing hard or getting...

Thankful People Become Happy People

It isn’t that happy people become thankful people. Rather, thankful people become happy people. Being thankful is a key ingredient in living a life of happiness.

Why I Love This Nutrition Challenge

Instead of promising rapid, unsustainable weight loss or including gimmicks which “trick” your body to lose weight (when in reality you are losing a few extra pounds of water…which is a transient measure of bodyweight already and undoubtedly comes back within a few days or weeks), this challenge is founded on the principles of sustainability through behavior and habit formation.

Got CF Games Fever? Why A Competition May Be A Good Experience!

Every July the Reebok CrossFit Games occur, testing the 40 fittest women and men and teams to determine who the fittest on Earth is. They are put through a grueling five days of unknown events testing their fitness capacity in every form. If you are like me, you have...


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