Christie Smeal

Christie is from Norman, Ok and an alum of Oklahoma University, with a degree in sociology and MEd Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. Christie also played on the women’s soccer team during her time at Oklahoma. She’s been doing CrossFit for five years. When not coaching, Christie loves to hike, bike, paddle-board and anything that involves the great outdoors. She enjoys continuing her education, reading anything from fantasy, classic literature, leadership, nutrition, history and more.

“I’m lucky to have so many amazing friends that I get to share some amazing experiences with and family is incredibly important to me so spending as much time as I can with my nephews, niece, sister, bro-in-law and mom is at the top of my list.

I love CrossFit because it allows me to maintain a high level of fitness using movements that I was familiar with and loved as a college athlete but never would have programmed for myself without any guidance. I love CrossFit Northland because it has kept me accountable to myself by providing a wonderfully supportive community that strives to be its best while encouraging me to be and do my best as well. CFN has also blessed me with the opportunity to further my edification and passion for fitness. Being a coach has allowed me to further understand the positive affects fitness has had on me personally and the wellbeing of our community, but also helping me to realize the importance of sharing that passion with others.”


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