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Pure. Joy.

What does Pure JOY look like?

The first think I think of is my 3 year old sprinting across the house from experience to experience.  When he is running he always has a smile on his face. He never thinks about the costs of running: exhaustion, breathing hard or getting tired–he just runs.  Three year old’s are immune to those things, they don’t care about them.

There are a few ways to look at this phenomenon.

1) How many of us smile when we run?   

For most of us, running is a task or a mean to an end.  

2) What if as adults we sprinted across the the house and from experience to experience?  

Would we find joy in running from the bedroom to the living room when someone gets home? Or running from ride to ride at Worlds of Fun?

I have a feeling most of us would say it would be embarrassing.  

Why do we think that?  

Because of what others think? Because of what we think of others?  

If that thought holds you back, then ask yourself what else might you be missing out on because of what others are thinking.  

3) Kids don’t think, “I can make it up that hill,” “Can I run that far,” “What happens when I run that far?” Their only thought is the end game– they do whatever it takes.  

What happens when we approach a WOD or our life with this amount of tenacity? Would our lives and workouts be filled with more Joy, Passion and Purpose?  

I challenge you to not jog, but RUN.  Start when no one is looking. tell me it doesn’t make you smile.  

Sprint straight toward your dreams, and you just might find a path along the way.

2 thoughts on “Pure. Joy.”

  1. Great advice/info!
    Can’t let others control our behavior or we are robbing ourselves.
    Thanks for the reminder and the mental picture of the child running w a smile makes me smile!

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