Lindsey Osborne

When and how did you get started at CFN?

I started at CFN at its inception as a charter member in 2011. I remember the first day we got four med- balls to add to workouts we were doing at Diane’s School of Dance, and the first day the deadlift was introduced at the original box. All 3 coaches/owners were present, I felt nervous, and there were stick figure drawings with arrows on the whiteboard. I’ve loved CrossFit’s diversity of movements, invitation of intensity, and blessing of community from the earliest days.

Name one thing in your life you are currently thankful for:

Our new puppy Camper. It’s a whole new WOD to walk him around the block on cold winter mornings!

Who inspires you and how?

Right now, it’s Eli and Andi as swimmers. They come home from swim practice and say it’s hard but want to go back. I am proud of them for their confidence in tight outfits, their care for others on a team, and the tenacity they give to a tough sport. 

What’s your favorite food?

Salad with steak on it and lots of desserts that include coconut. 

Would you rather spend a weekend in the mountains or at the beach?

I’ll take a weekend in the mountains since I’d need at least a week for the beach. 

What’s your favorite type of CrossFit workout?

Overhead squats with a light snatch, and a sprinkling of hand-stand push-ups.


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