Lindsey Osborne

Lindsey Osborne holds a BA in History and Business from William Jewell, a Masters of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary, and has 3 active kids: Elijah 9, Andi 7, and Oakley 2. Yes, she can manage to hold all three at once. Lindsey works part time for Young Life and enjoys good books, great friends, and lots of dates (both with her husband and the pitted kind).

“As a high school softball player and a recreational distance runner in college, working out was an enjoyable stress release but didn’t produce results in muscle tone or core strength. After starting Crossfit in 2011, strength and health took on new meaning and my body took a new shape. Crossfit has changed my life, allowed me a healthy and strong 3rd pregnancy, and gives me a great community to challenge, encourage, and push me to the next 20 pounds in my back squat! My favorite part of coaching at the gym is working with women and watching people reach their fitness goals!”

I coach because I love hosting a room of people who have come to workout, see friends, be encouraged, challenged, and held accountable. Bringing people together, leading them through the WOD and sending them out with high five is my coaching privilege.

I CrossFit because I love the people, the results in my personal fitness, the constantly changing workouts that challenge any stasis my body would settle into and because Crossfit has taught me: I like lifting weights, I can do hard things and because I’m showing my kids that fitness and strength are parts of living a healthy and fun life!”


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