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This 60 minute group offering is our take on high intensity training. Inspired by classic CrossFit, the N60 class is all about gaining exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance, as well as GPP (General Physical Preparedness), and GPP is all about being incredibly well-rounded, prepared, and capable. It’s a training methodology and mindset that helps prepare athletes for whatever life throws their way. In this incredibly diverse program, athletes will literally train everything to be prepared for just about anything. Movements will include everything from cardio and gymnastics to powerlifting and Olympic lifting.


This 45 minute group fitness class combines classic strength training and conditioning into one highly-effective program. The movements and workouts in N45 focus on building a strong base and providing exposure to strength training. Strength training in N45 revolves around the core lifts: squats, presses, deadlifts, and an introduction to Olympic lifts. In addition to these core lifts, athletes will also gain exposure to accessory, midline, and bodyweight strength focuses.


Our 30 minute special spin on fast-paced interval training. Workouts involve very little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere (and are often done outside to enjoy the fresh air!). These workouts will always challenge athletes to push themselves! Perfect for athletes looking for high-energy interval training, want to focus only on conditioning, or need a quick workout that they can do anywhere!

Personal Training

One-on-one training done in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute sessions. Single sessions and monthly packages available. Tailored to your goals, abilities, schedules and delivered in a one-on-one environment to move you as quickly as possible in the direction you wish to go.

Youth Group Class

This hour long CrossFit class teaches the fundamentals of CrossFit and movement. This class is designed to help out teen athletes develop healthy habits and grow confidence In their physical fitness and ability.

Open Gym

Open gym is available to members looking to catch a missed workout or practice a skill outside of regular class times.

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