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Why I Love This Nutrition Challenge

Challenges are a touchy subject in the fitness industry right now. There’s a lot of good and a lot of bad.


For a long time I let the negative possibilities plague me into a state of disdain for the entire concept. And I shied away from them. Far away from them. Challenges weren’t something I was interested in.


But this challenge is different.


Instead of promising rapid, unsustainable weight loss or including gimmicks which “trick” your body to lose weight (when in reality you are losing a few extra pounds of water…which is a transient measure of bodyweight already and undoubtedly comes back within a few days or weeks), this challenge is founded on the principles of sustainability through behavior and habit formation. It starts with “why”, works its way through “how”, and finally arrives at the “what,”–something most challenges attack in reverse. It fulfills the Golden Circle, as Simon Sinek has coined.

We’re going to provide folks with enough of the “what” nutrition knowledge (because in actuality you don’t need to know THAT much to get going)–followed with a whole bunch of how to apply it. BUT this only comes to fruition through action and THAT only comes about through connecting the above to why in the world you’re doing the challenge in the first place. And wouldn’t you just know that’s where it’s all going to start?


Action propelled by clarity in direction with a little of that ever important accountability sprinkled in (because most times people stop when the going gets tough…which is almost always right before the breakthrough occurs).


I like this challenge. A lot. I really believe in its ability to get people started on the journey from where they are to where they’d like to be.


Whether that’s lose 5 pounds of 50 pounds.


Whether it’s to increase your performance in the gym or just be able to look at yourself for an extra 15 seconds before you get in the shower and say, “dannnnnnng.”


Or even just feel stronger and more confident in your own skin.


It’s got something for you.


And I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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