Our Mission: We are building a fitness community where every person is becoming their healthiest, happiest and best self.

At CFN we believe in the amazing capacities of people. We believe that we are meant for an abundant life and we trust that a lifestyle crafted through fitness, health and community is the kind of lifestyle we all wish to live.

Our Vision: We are empowering, educating and equipping the greater KC Northland area through the avenues of health, fitness and our gym community.

At CFN we believe in the power of community. We employ a staff of trainers who seek to encourage, educate, and befriend every client each day.

Our Journey: We are continuing to improve the quality of our life through health, fitness and community.

Each class is a progression forward in our journey at CFN. At the end, we hope it was the best hour of your day. We hope you had a chance to relieve some stress, catch up with some friends, and feel better than you did when you arrived.


Here’s our promise: We will make you better. And you get to decide what better means.

We are so confident in our program, our community, and our coaches that if you commit, if you show up 3-4 time a week, if you put forth your best effort, you will see results. Whether it is through regular CrossFit classes, personal training, or nutrition consulting, we are here to partner with you.

CrossFit Northland will improve the quality of your life.

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