Steve Redmond II

When and how did you get started at CFN?

I was recommended to CFN by Faith, who was one of my athletes at my previous gym. She kept insisting on this place being the best gym and that I would like it (and she was right) and I’ve been coming ever since!

Name one thing in your life you are currently thankful for:

I am thankful for this current state of blessing that God is allowing me to experience.

Who inspires you and how?

I draw inspiration from any person that looks adversity in the face and has the courage to stand in the fire the best way they know how, whether that is in a workout, work, life, etc. I enjoy tough people, reminds me of home.

What’s your favorite food?

Currently, the Caniac Combo from Raising Canes, or BBQ, possibly Chinese food on a rainy day or Lamar’s donuts on a nice fall morning, I could do a nice sized steak from Anton’s any day of the week in any month of the year, my wife makes a mean breakfast hash, I could do tacos on a Tuesday, maybe sushi on a Saturday but never on a Sunday…ehhhh I’m not sure, I just like eating.

Would you rather spend a weekend in the mountains or at the beach?

The mountains, a cabin in a forest in the mountains. Or a downtown condo escape with a city view and a whiskey on the rocks.

What’s your favorite type of CrossFit workout?

Bench Press.


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