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90 Day Testimonial: Allison G.

“I’m definitely getting stronger. I have more energy and my mood is just awesome after working out.”

Tell us a little bit about your fitness background. Did you play sports growing up? Attend other gyms in the past? Workout at home? New to the fitness game?

I used to be in incredible shape. Fitness competition shape. I worked out every single day and ate a strict paleo diet. I did this shortly after being diagnosed with lupus. By exercising, eating right and sticking to my medications, I put myself into remission! I played golf in high school and did weight lifting in college as well.


What made you decide to start CrossFit? How did you end up at CrossFit Northland? 

I’ve always been interested in CrossFit. I’m a firm believer that women should lift heavy to maintain strong bones as we get older. CFN members, Casey and Krista Wimberly, are friends of ours and they talked me into it! 


What is the most valuable part, in your opinion, about group training?

I love how everyone cheers each other on. No matter if you’re a CrossFit expert or you can barely do the exercises, everyone is extremely sweet and supportive. I’ve made more friends in class than I have my whole life. lol


What are some changes you’ve noticed in your 90 days at Crossfit Northland? 

I’m definitely getting stronger. I have more energy and my mood is just awesome after working out. I am starting to look forward to class!


What is your favorite thing about CFN? 

The support. You guys aren’t just a workout and leave kind of gym. I love that you help me with diet, stress, sleep, and everything else to live my best life.


What do you hope to accomplish in your next 90 days? 

I would like to get my diet under control! I’ve gotten into the habit of eating when I can and just grabbing whatever due to grad school. 

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