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Becoming Aware of Our Pelvic Floor


Do you struggle with peeing your pants/leaking when doing intense movements like double unders or snatches? Or even when doing everyday actions like laughing or sneezing? What if I told you it may not be an issue of a weak pelvic floor, but rather an issue of being too tense? Having the ability to RELAX your pelvic floor is just as important as having a strong pelvic floor.

Consider this: what would happen if you squeezed your fist tight for 5 minutes and then I handed you a new jar of pickles and asked you to open it? Your hand would be tired! And you would struggle to open that jar. Having to do something more strenuous like gripping a lid would be much more difficult after flexing that muscle for 5 minutes. This is exactly what is happening with our pelvic floors! We feel the need to tighten constantly in order to feel secure, causing us to be tense all day long. Then we jump or move quickly and ask our pelvic floor to do something more strenuous and our muscles struggle, often resulting in leaking. 

Start by just being aware! Try setting an alarm on your phone to randomly check yourself. Is your pelvic floor tense? Relax it!

Becoming more conscious and aware of our pelvic floor and its function can help us realize how vital it is to our everyday well being! 

Having issues with leaking? Contact a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in your area. 

Love Love,

Coach Becca

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