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“The dryer must be broken!”


It’s the only logical explanation, right? Your clothes MUST be shrinking!

After all, you’ve been training 3x/week for the past 3 months, you’re eating healthier than ever before, you’re drinking a ton of water just like Coach keeps telling you to…and yet your clothes are fitting tighter?!

How could this be? Well hang on just a minute…


                      How do you know it’s not muscle?

                      How do you know your training efforts aren’t finally paying off?

                      How do you know that the dryer is actually innocent in all of this?


B I O M E T R I C   C H E C K I N S

Biometric check ins are a dyer’s #1 alibi. To determine whether or not you should be celebrating your weight gain, you have got to be committed to regular check in appointments with a coach. Our technology tells us what you’re truly made of (literally speaking, of course).

Our InBody scale goes FAR beyond your relationship with gravity. In fact, we use it to determine all of the following in under 60 seconds;

  • Fat mass
  • Muscle mass (the good stuff)
  • Water mass (40-60% – incredible, right?!)
  • Lean mass (bones, organs, blood, etc)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (metabolism efficiency) 


Relying on how your clothes fit as an ‘official’ tool to measure progress is limited and shortcoming. Progress should be clear, concise, and measurable. If it’s not, you’re probably confusing fact with fiction.

Remember, sometimes the mirror lies (because we’re under the weather). And sometimes our clothes fit tighter because we’re actually gaining lean muscle!


Don’t let your progress go unrecognized; give yourself the credit you deserve!

Understand your composition. Apologize to your dryer.


Not sure where to get started with tracking biometrics?

Click here for your quarterly goal review (included with your membership!) to complete an InBody scan:

Sit with a coach today to learn and understand the important, factual, ways to mark your hard earned progress!

In Health,

Coach Sabrina

HSN Nutrition Coach

Certified Personal Trainer


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