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Coach Story: Lindsey O.

The following is a guest post from Coach Lindsey with a unique perspective on what it means to balance family and fitness. Enjoy!

Life-Long Fitness, or Fitness Your Whole Life Long
My brief activity history includes:

-mediocre and uncompetitive softball in summers of my youth

-high school softball and a couple years of high school track- focus more on team than my own success!

-distance running with friends through college

-3 marathons in early adulthood (before age 25 and never again)

-Pilates, some swimming and some distance running on my own

And then! I met Crossfit!

There wasn’t a gym around Kansas City after I heard about it from a friend out of town so I started adding squats to the beginnings of my jogs and pushups to the ends. Finally, a few friends opened the gym that I’ve called home ever since, and here we are, Crossfit Northland, 6 years in.

The difference between now and then- games, sports and home gym antics, plus unpaced neighborhood jogs- manifests itself in my body and mind. I’m the most in shape I’ve ever been, weigh less than I did in college, and feel and look stronger. Perhaps more importantly, Crossfit has made me believe I can do hard things, given me great friends and I know my life long health is protected, not just my present day performance.

My kids asked me why I work out the other day and I enjoyed telling them I did it because,

I like it

It’s good for me

Because I hope I’m healthy, strong and fit not just now but for my whole life too. I want to be a really active grandma and a happily fit retiree trapezing the world with my also healthy husband.

I’ve come to realize I want to work out my whole life. I want to be fit, in shape and healthy for the rest of my decades.

This perspective towards the next 50 years, helps me make decisions in the gym each day. I can say no to something too heavy or hard because ultimately, my goal is not just this workout, but working out for a long time.

When I had to take months off after having a baby, coming back was defeating, humbling and hard. However, I knew it was worth coming back slow and steady and not regretting any of those months of rest and recovery for my body.

If life is chaotic and busy, working out helps me cope. However, sometimes getting to the gym isn’t worth the extra juggling of my work/family/personal schedule. It’s a different decision every time and I try my best to live without guilt when I chose to NOT GO WORKOUT.

For me to skip a workout, or three weeks of workouts (as I’m doing right now because I’m working on assignment at a Young Life camp property in Minnesota!) is disappointing. However, I choose to feel the freedom and enjoy the extra time. I won’t beat myself up about the calories I’m not burning or the muscle I’m losing because I know I’ll be back. I can take time off because I’m going to work out for a long time. These few weeks off might set me back momentarily, but ultimately give me some rest and send me back to the normal pace of working out that I’ll keep my whole life long.

A commitment to health, fitness, and strength (plus weight management, flexibility, speed, muscle building and more!) is one I’ve made with me. I’m lucky enough to live it out in this great community at CFN. When I don’t win a WOD, it’s okay. Ultimately, it’s always about ME v. ME for the long haul.

Guilt? NO.

Hard work? YES.

Some vacations? YES.

Time off to rest and heal? YES!

Giving up? NO!

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