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D@Mn You Repeat Workouts

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How ticked were you to see that 15.2 was 14.2? Be honest. I was upset. I didn’t like it last year and I didn’t like it this year. Like most people, at this time last year I vowed to chest to bar pullups more often. Didn’t happen. Isn’t that how it is though? We take time off when work gets busy. We take time off when our kids have stupidly frequent activities. We sign our kids up for everything in the hopes that they’ll find something they like and enjoy being active. That way they’re not the fat kid in school or the lazy adult after school. But in reality, we’re schlepping our kids all across town and we are turning into the fat or lazy adult we’re trying to keep them from becoming. Because we sacrifice a lot, our fitness, our needs sometimes take a back seat. I get it. I’m living it right now and it’s embarrassing. My wife and I planned out the next 3 months of family schedules and activities and I think I’ll get to see her April 19th. Super excited to see you, babe!

Too often we make excuses. We need to stop. And the kind folks at the CrossFit Games have told us now that everyone isn’t making excuses. CrossFit is a data driven endeavor. We preach results based fitness. We test and retest wods regularly to see if we’re getting stronger, faster, a better motor. Well, 15.2 did just that, but for the entire community. Look at these numbers.

Last year the high score on 14.2 was 404 reps. This year, 13 athletes beat that score.

In case you’re thinking that only the elite athletes are getting better, stop it. You’re only going to get more depressed. This year showed us that 80.8% of all athletes improved over their 14.2 scores. Specifically, men scored an average of 11.8 reps better. And women scored 13.5 reps better.

So right when you’re feeling good about everything. You’ve convinced yourself it’s okay that you’re not doing well because you’ve got all this other stuff going on, you get the news. Turns out 8/10 CrossFitters ARE getting better. You’re the minority. At this impasse we’re faced with two options.

First, continue to make those excuses. After all, kids are important, so is work. And things will eventually lighten up enough that you can get back in it. And man, when that time comes, you’ll be committed. You’ll jump back on that horse and rid, baby! Second, suck it up. It’s always hard to restart. They say only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions and 70% quit by March.

So don’t quit. If you’re really busy, make it once or twice a week instead of your usual four or five visits. Hit up a Sunday afternoon class. Do something at home when you can’t get to the gym. We all get there at some point. But we don’t have to stay there. For me, the Open data told me two things. One, other people are making less excuses than I am. Two, the programming works. That’s the beauty of this. It’s not like you’re going to get up each day and do some long, slow distance stuff or hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. You’re going to come to CrossFit. And we’re getting to the point (some would argue we’re there already) that CrossFit is empirically proving its methodology, when applied, yields positive fitness results. So get up one more time. Commit to doing what works. Come on back in the doors and take an a$$ whoopin’. You need it. I know I do.

See you at the gym.



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