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Four Reasons to do Personal Training


If you are reading this, it is because you have come to a place where want to make a change.


  • You have tried going to a gym by yourself but it’s hard to stay motivated and you don’t know anyone in the space.
  • You don’t know what exercises to do, or how to move safely.
  • You attend the gym regularly but just are not seeing the results you want.
  • You are recovering from an injury and need help with movement and adapting and modifying exercises.

Whatever the reason might be that is keeping you from living as your happiest and healthiest self, the good news is that Personal Training addresses each of these and can help YOU achieve what you desire.

Here are four quick reasons why Personal Training at CFN is a great avenue to pursue:

Every Personal Training relationship begins with an initial consult. In this time, you and a coach talk about what it is YOU want to have happen in your health and fitness. Not everyone wants to build muscle, or lose weight. Some people do. A lot of people do. But maybe YOU don’t. Your goals don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. Personal Training is not about a cookie-cutter approach to helping you have a higher quality of life.

Personal Training is about YOUR goals and how to meet them in YOUR life.

Personal Training isn’t just about what happens during the training session. It isn’t purely focused on that day’s movements and exercises. With personal training we want to know what is happening outside of the walls of the gym.The point of life is to live it, not just work out.

How are you sleeping? What is nutrition like for you this week? Have you been noticing this injury at work? What does staying active look like when you travel next week? In what ways are you practicing stress-release?

At CFN, personal training is so much more than barbells and cardio.

You are the hero of your story. You are the one who will generate results and reap the rewards. You are the first person to benefit from your efforts.  Personal Trainers are simply the guide to help you along your journey.

Yes, personal trainers have certifications, schooling, and experience. Yet, our certifications, schooling and experience don’t matter if it doesn’t produce tangible results in YOUR life.

At CFN helping you meet your goals is our goal.

Yes, personal training tends to be more expensive than a gym-access membership, or group-fitness class membership. However, each dollar is worth it. You get undivided, personalized attention that will help you meet your goals faster, easier, and safer than in any other setting. And it fits your schedule. A personal trainer takes all the guesswork out of achieving your goals. We come up with an exercise plan that takes into account your limitations and we tailor movements, reps, and weights to match your current abilities, and any other factors in your life. And what’s more-the sessions happen at a time that is convenient for your schedule. 


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