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What is the #1 thing CFN Nutrition Coaching made you realize about your habits/behavior/tendencies?

It made me realize just how wrong I was with the foods that I was eating when I told myself I was eating “somewhat healthy” and how much I had to learn! I was WAY of!


How have you integrated your new education/practices at home? With your family?

For the first couple months I chose to meal prep all meals and snacks on Saturday for the whole week. I later decided to change things up to something that is easier for me. Now I only prep my snacks and breakfast and then rely on a meal-prep company for all of my lunches and dinners! This has helped tremendously to stay on track, yet it provides me more free time to spend with the family on the weekends (instead of in the kitchen). 


How have these changes affected your relationships with others, if at all? (work, husband, wife, children, parents, etc)

My hubby is getting somewhat on board eating with me now. I’ve also seen so much of a difference, not only in how I look but how I FEEL, that one of my coworkers in my office is motivated to do the same! 


Have you experienced a change in energy?

I have experienced a huge change in energy! And just “feel” better! I didn’t realize the full potential a healthy lifestyle change could make. I really thought I was eating pretty decent before, until I was educated on nutrition.


Has the quality of your training and recovery changed?

Quality of training has definitely improved since my energy level is up!


What is something you wish you could tell yourself at this time last year? 5 years ago?

I did the nutrition challenge a year ago, but last year I didn’t really know what I was doing as far as what I was putting in my body and I wasn’t enjoying the process, so I fell off the track after only a couple weeks.


I really just don’t think I was ready to commit in the past, but man I wish I would have because wow, do I feel so much better (and I’m not even quite at 4 months yet!). 


I’m slowly starting to gain a little self-confidence, as I lose pounds, inches, bf% and gain muscle!! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!


What has been the most challenging aspect of nutrition to create change?

I think the hardest part for me has been finding the time to spend 4-5hrs in the kitchen cooking for the week. But meal prepping is an inarguable contributor to the success of the process, which is why I decided to hire a meal prep company for lunches and dinners. 


Advice you might give others in regard to their nutrition?

My biggest advice would be to talk with one of the coaches at CFN about nutrition. This Nutrition Challenge helped me to better understand food and it’s kept me motivated! I think a helpful tool in the beginning was having plans to follow and/or food ideas to give a try. I know that I do my best when I have something to follow.

Also, a sense of accountability forms by knowing that you have a coach genuinely rooting for you; someone who is there to educate you along the way.

It’s been very nice to learn that that there’s room to enjoy life, and that it’s okay to have a “cheat” meal. My attitudes have shifted from guilt to “get back on track at the next meal.”


What is your perspective/opinion on the relationship between training + nutrition?

Because I have been on both sides of not fueling my body correctly and now doing it correctly, my opinion is that fueling your body correctly and understanding nutrition plays a huge role in training and how you do and feel during the workout(s). You can definitely push yourself more when your nutrition is on point!















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