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Member Spotlight: Eric Donald

  1. How did your journey with CrossFit Northland began? How long have you been a member of CrossFit Northland?

I have been at CFN for about 2 1/2 years. I had recently moved to Kansas City and decided I needed to establish some health goals.

  1. Tell us about your fitness/health background? (Have you always been active? Played sports growing up? Tried other gym settings? Workout at home?)  

I don’t really have a fitness background other than what was mandatory in the Army.

  1. How has CFN played a role in your family’s fitness and health journey?  

So many ways! My wife, Heather, continues to amaze me with her fitness improvement and commitment. She has received her L1 certification and coaches Elements class in Kuwait. My two sons have listened, begrudgingly, about nutrition. We as a family have taken a look at our diet and made some healthier changes.

  1. What are some changes you’ve noticed in yourself during your time here at CFN? (Physically, mentally, capabilities, daily life, etc.) 

I am definitely stronger. I also feel better about myself when I’m not very motivated to go to class but I get up and do it.

  1. What kinds of things can you do now, that you were not able to do when you first started CrossFit? (inside or outside of the gym) 

The biggest improvement is my wrist mobility. Two years ago I wasn’t able to do any pushups from the floor. Now I can hold a handstand and I have the range of motion to be in a plank position without pain.

  1. In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of Crossfit Northland? 

By far, the coaches and the coaching philosophy. I have learned so much about how to move and  be a healthy person. They challenge me to challenge myself. There are truly too many things to list about what all the coaches do on a daily basis. They care about every CFN member.

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