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Member Spotlight: Katherine G.

  1. How long have you been a member of CrossFit Northland? – A little over 3 years
  2. What brought you into CFN?- I had always been intrigued by CrossFit, but when Michael and I started dating, he’s the one who encouraged me to try it out. We checked out CFN on a recommendation, and haven’t looked back!
  3. Tell us about your fitness/health background? (Did you play sports growing up? Try other gym settings? Workout at home?)-I grew up playing sports and being active. In college I stayed active by participating in intramural sports and working out at the student rec center. I’ve been a member of several different gyms throughout the years, but nothing has stuck like CFN.
  4. What are some changes you’ve noticed in yourself during your time here at CFN? (Physically, mentally, capabilities, daily life, etc.)- So many things. I am stronger and in better shape than I have been since high school. I have realized how hard I can actually push myself. My hour in the gym is an hour I look forward to daily.
  5. What kinds of things can you do now, that you were not able to do when you first started CrossFit? (inside or outside of the gym)-Get upside down in a handstand hold, lift heavy weights, and am so close to getting a strict pull-up!
  6. What motivates you and keeps you coming back for more week after week?-The changes I’m seeing in my strength and endurance, and the coaches pushing me to get better and better.
  7. In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of CrossFit Northland?-I can’t decide between the coaching staff and the community. Hands down CFN has the best coaches in the biz, but it also has the best people working out alongside you.
  8. What do you hope to accomplish in the future here at CFN?-Just to continue to get in and improve my fitness!
  9. What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone that is considering joining a CrossFit gym?-Do it!

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