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Member Spotlight: Liz M.

1. How long have I been a member of CFN?

I have been a member of CFN since January 2017. Just over four years! I am told I was in the very first Elements class.

2. What brought you into CFN?

I had just started a year sabbatical from work in January 2017, and I wanted to make some changes. I don’t remember exactly how I found CFN, but really I think it was just a google search for gyms near me!. I tried a drop-in class late in 2016, and to be painfully honest, it didn’t go that well. So when David reached out with their new Elements class after he and Jason took over, I decided to to take the chance.

3. How has your membership changed over the years?

Probably the more appropriate question is how has my membership NOT changed!  I started just attending classes. Then I added in some personal training. When I went back to work, I struggled with the class times working with my schedule, and went to almost entirely personal training with occasional classes. I also added in nutrition coaching. When the pandemic started, I eventually went to all virtual. 

4. How does remote training and nutrition coaching work best for you at this time?

After the pandemic started, I had very little control over my schedule. I found trying to schedule and then actually make PT sessions very difficult and stressful.  So with some trial and error, I ended up with weekly virtual “training” sessions. I have virtual sessions with David once a week, usually while I am at work. I am lucky enough that with some planning, I can arrange my day so I can close my office door for 45 minutes. The first week or two was a bit hard, but now it is part of my routine. David and I go through my week – what worked and what didn’t and then make a plan for the upcoming week. We go through nutrition, an exercise plan for the week, sleep, pretty much everything! It might not be the typical membership, but it has SAVED me over this past year.

5. What kinds of things can you do now that you were not able to do when you first started Crossfit?

Before CrossFit I ran and every so often would do some sort of wimpy dumbbell work with a 5 or 10 pound dumbbell. I would have NEVER tried barbell work. I had very little strength and really never did any sort of high intensity workout. When I started I could barely do a pushup elevated on a 20 inch box and now I can do real push ups. I can tell a huge difference in every aspect of my life outside the gym, too. I am more active and playful with my kids, and my ability to handle the tasks of daily life is so much better. When you feel physically strong and capable, I think that confidence translates to other less physically active areas of life like work, school, etc.

6. Why is exercise and proper nutrition important to you?

Exercise and nutrition play a huge role in my daily quality of life. If I am not active and eating well, I don’t feel well – physically or mentally.  Having kids entirely also changed my perspective on life. I want to make sure I am around for my kids and am an active participant in my and their lives for as long as possible. 

7. In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of CrossFit Northland?

Well, obviously the community is an incredible part of CFN that can’t be undervalued.  But in terms of impact on my personal life, it has to be the quality of the coaches and the emphasis on ALL aspects of health and fitness, not just exercise. I have learned to work on so many different areas of well-being that I never would have if not for CFN. My overall wellness and happiness has benefited incredibly from that approach. CFN is more than just a “gym”.

8. What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone that is considering joining a CrossFit gym?

CF is more than just an exercise program and it is really about empowering people to be better and healthier in infinitely adaptable ways. Walking into an unknown CF gym can be intimidating, so reach out to the coaches before you go.

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