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Member Spotlight: Spencer E.

1.   Tell us about your fitness/health background and how your journey with CrossFit Northland began?

I played college basketball so there was a period of time (a long time ago as my wife recently reminded me) when I was in great shape … and could eat like I was in great shape.  Once my playing days were over I continued to eat like I was still at the training table.  That quickly caught up with me and I then began my journey of aimlessly trying out different exercise regimens and eating plans.  I attempted to put those together myself by reading various books, blogs, websites and magazines.  Not surprisingly, nothing really worked and if it did it was a short term result and was never going to be sustainable.  I simply didn’t have the time, background knowledge or, if I’m being honest, any interest in creating my own, one off exercise or eating plans.  The frustration (and lbs) that resulted from that process is what drove me to the doors of Crossfit Northland.

2.   What kinds of things can you do now, that you were not able to do when you first started CrossFit? (inside or outside of the gym)

I can do pull ups now and, probably more importantly, I can do all the lifts using the proper techniques (at least as long As Pope is not watching me closely).  The thing I have noticed more than anything is not the exercises or movements that I can do now that I couldn’t do when I first started, but rather how good and strong everyday movements feel since I’ve started.  The ability to feel and utilize your muscles (specifically core and back muscles for me) feels great, especially as I get older.

3.   What is a favorite memory you have at CFN?

I don’t have one specific favorite memory.  The memories I like and find humorous are those related to me looking at the next day’s workout the night before and actually thinking to myself, “how hard can that be?”  Then I wake up and get totally destroyed by that very workout the next morning.  Although I should know better by now, I still do that at least once a week.

4.   What does your favorite workout consist of?

That’s tough.  Probably any kind of chipper, endurance or descending ladder workout that incorporates running, rowing, box jumps or double-unders.  If it involves pull-ups, burpees (especially over bar) or thrusters it immediately becomes one of my least favorite workouts!

5.   In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of Crossfit Northland?

Without doubt, the most valuable aspect is the coaching.  There are not many things in this world that I think justify the cost or expense; however, I think the monthly membership at CFN is worth every penny and almost entirely because of the coaching.  A close second, though, is working out with all the other CFN members.  It’s a great community.

6.   What would you tell someone that is considering joining a CrossFit gym?

I’m going to narrow that question to someone considering joining CFN as opposed to just any CrossFit gym.  I would tell that person that what you have heard about CrossFit or seen on tv is not the reality at CFN.  Crossfit at CFN is a tailored workout in a group setting that allows you to push yourself utilizing your ability level, not someone else’s.  A few years ago I dropped in at a Crossfit Gym in Venice, CA (right across the street from the famous Gold’s Gym).  They trained Games athletes and had their Games name placards all over the gym.  It goes without saying, I’ve never been mistaken for a Games athlete … except at this gym.  There was absolutely no scaling offered during that workout and I spent an entire hour being yelled at by the coach for not being able to complete (or really even start) the prescribed exercises.  It was a terrible experience and the complete opposite of what we experience at CFN.  So, I would tell anyone considering CFN to give it a shot because they will find that the coaching and scaling will make it an experience that enables them to push themselves in a workout tailored to their ability level.

7.   If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The ability to fly, no doubt about it.

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