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Our Vision & Mission

CrossFit Northland opened its doors in 2011, almost 12 years ago. At that time, our mission was simple: workout and have fun.

As CFN evolved over the years, so did our mission. While it was still important to us that our members worked out and had fun, our mission really grew bigger and deeper. We became fiercely passionate about truly enhancing the lives of our members and those in our community. 

After long, intentional conversations about how to best serve our members and where we wanted to take them on their journey with CrossFit Northland, our leadership team came up with a clearer, more accurate vision and mission for CrossFit Northland. 

Before we share those below, you may be thinking what is a vision and mission and what is the difference between the two. 

A vision statement is focused on where we are going and aligns with the mission, core values, and culture. A mission statement is focused on why we do what we do and serves as the filter that we use to make all our decisions. In short, the vision tells us how and where we are going and the mission informs us why. 

And with that, below you’ll find our vision and mission.

Our Vision: 
To lead a tribe of strong, healthy humans living life on their own terms.

Our Mission: 
When people are unaware or uncertain of their capacity for greatness, they can feel without purpose or hope. CFN helps remove physical limitations through simple, habit-based health programs because everyone deserves the freedom to live life on their own terms. 

Stay tuned for future blog posts as we break down our vision and mission and explain more about what they mean and how we came up with both.

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