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The Power of a Strong “Why”

“Should I go to the gym today?”

“Should I scale the snatches?”

“Should I do the RX or Fitness track?” 

“Should I prep some protein and veggies this weekend?”

“Should I grab an extra serving?” 

“Should I eat breakfast?”

Should I get some protein and carbs post-workout?” 

“Should I take my pup on an extra lap around the block?” 

“Should I hit snooze or roll out of bed to the 5:30 am class?”

“Should I take a rest day?”

We are constantly making decisions that will have an impact on our overall health and fitness. I imagine we make at least 20 decisions a day! What are some reoccurring decisions you have to make? Do you ever find yourself unsure of how to answer?

When it comes to your life and needs… there is a super hack to streamlining the BEST choices for you…


Think about the first time you looked up “Crossfit gyms” on google, or scheduled that “No-Sweat” Intro. Why did you do that?

Really think! Write it out…..

Is that your same “why” today?!  

It could be the same, could be different. Either way, having a solid “WHY” helps guide you to make the best decisions for YOU. Throughout the seasons of our life, the “WHY” may change, and that is great! It should! We are constantly evolving and adapting.

For example, if your “WHY” is to achieve your highest level of physical performance possible and compete among the elites… That makes decision-making easy! We are going to push the weights, get ample rest, hit our macros, get enough carbohydrates, get to sleep, obstain from alcohol…etc. 

If your “WHY” is to generally improve your health and take good care of your physical and mental health… That also makes decision-making easy! We are going to modify movements and focus on what feels good for you, utilize the fitness and scaled tracks, challenge ourselves when it sounds fun, eat nutritiously for health and enjoyment, and…just show up! 

These are only two examples… but there are thousands of valid “WHYs”. No “why” is more righteous than another, and your needs and desires are valid! Your life is unique.  If you are struggling to fine-tune your “WHY” and make decisions that support your health and progress…Set up your quarterly goal review, or quick chat with a coach after class. We are here for you!!!

-Coach Julie

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