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What is a No-Sweat Intro

At CrossFit Northland, with every person interested in joining our gym, we begin with something we call a “No-Sweat Intro”. A No-Sweat Intro is a free, one-on-one consultation that provides an opportunity for you to share your background, past injuries, concerns, what brought you in to us, and (most importantly) your unique goals. We have a lot of different paths to get you to your goals, and the primary purpose of a No Sweat Intro is to determine how we can best help you.

We want to spend time with you one-on-one to learn about you and make sure the relationship is a good fit. We want to find out about your health and fitness goals so that we can help you reach them. And lastly, we want to make sure that what we offer at our gym satisfies what you are looking for. Together we’ll find the best one for you!

During your No-Sweat Intro session, you can expect to:
-Answer questions about your background to help us get to you know and to understand your goals
-Tour of our facility
-Complete an InBody Scan and discuss the results
-Get all of your questions answered
-Develop a custom plan of action unique to your fitness and/or performance goals
-Discuss prices and payment options

If you are local to the area and interested in learning more about CrossFit Northland, we would like to personally invite you to schedule a No Sweat Intro today. Come in to the gym and check it all out. No workout. No crowds. No awkward feeling not knowing what to do. Just you and a coach talking about what your goals are and how we can help you.

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