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Will Heavy Lifting Make Me Bulky?

This is a common question many people ask when it comes to wanting a toned or nice-looking physique. Many are afraid to lift heavy weights as they believe in the idea that weightlifting will make people bulky or too masculine. Despite all the misconceptions, lifting weights has incredible benefits!

Here’s what we know about weightlifting:

  • Lifting Weights reduces the risk of injuries. 
  • Weightlifting helps improve your overall health.
  • Weightlifting strengthens your bones and joints.
  • Lifting weights gives you a solid physique.

Why be afraid of lifting heavy weights? I have encountered many people who are fearful of starting strength training because they believe they might get too muscular. However, a person cannot get bulky by just lifting heavy weights. We must remember that nutrition and strength training play a vital role when it comes to losing fat and gaining lean muscle. The bottom line: Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights because it has many great benefits that will lead you to be a healthier human being. 

I want to encourage all of you who might struggle with the idea of not wanting to get bulky. Be confident and proud of what your body can do. Remember that weightlifting has positive impacts on your health. You will surely benefit from lifting heavy weights! Lift those weights, get stronger, healthier, and reach your fitness goals without any nervousness of building a bulky-looking body. 

-Coach Mariela

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