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CFN, Thank You.

As we close 2015 and begin to look back on our collective years and think about everything that’s changed, I’d invite you to try that from the gym’s perspective. This year saw some great stuff for us. We had the return of old members and the starts of several new CrossFit journeys. But at the end of everything, people got better and people made friends. And that’s all we’ve ever wanted. As a founding group and now as an ownership group, two goals have been in place since the start of this whole thing over 4 years ago:

1. Positively impact lives.

2. Create a community of like-minded friends.

And we feel great about that. So thank you, CFN. Thank you, from me, Brian and Brad. Our vision and our goals could never be achieved without your support and commitment to the group. As you gather this season to give gifts and celebrate family, know that your attendance and your support is gift enough for us. And thank you. Though, if you wanted to leave a quality bourbon behind the counter, that would also be much appreciated.

We are going to invite you, like we always do about this time of year, to join us in a renewal of your continued efforts. Our pledge to you is that in 2016 we want to bring great coaching and well rounded programming to a community of people that are second to none. All we ask in return is that you continue to work to be better. Live your lives by a standard that is a step above most of those people you associate yourselves with. And when those friends, family, acquaintances ask how you seem to be at the top of your game or how you always seem to look great and have so much energy – show them. Bring them in. Let them in on the secret. In four years this has grown from a rag tag group of strangers numbering 7 or 8 into a group of close knit friends bouncing around 100+. Seriously, most of my best friends are gym members. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that when most of us think about doing something on the weekends, we call other CFNers. And I think it’s a given that everyone has made new friendships, good friendships, with the people at the gym.

There’s something really powerful about doing what we do in the kind of group we’ve got. If you’ve ever worked out at home or in your basement because you couldn’t make it in, you know what I’m talking about. You know how much better it is to go through this with a group than to look at yourself in a mirror at some big box place. Guys, we’ve got something really great here. And it’s because of you. So as the new years rolls and you start thinking about resolutions, don’t get caught in counting inches and calories. Set a plan to get better. Then start showing up and watch that plan materialize. We’re confident it will. And we’re confident we can help.

Again, thank you for another great year. When we talked about all the great things that have happened, one is a new website. We’ve been redesigned! Hopefully you’re reading this (and other old blogs) on our new site developed by our good friend Brad Voigt at The Factory Media Network. Bookmark this spot and look for more regular blogs including guest posts from coaches in 2016. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Keep being awesome!

See you at the gym.

Dustin, Brian, and Brad.

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