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Is CrossFit Expensive?

Let’s debunk the myth that CrossFit is a budget-buster. In reality, CrossFit is more accessible than ever. Believe it or not, offers daily programming absolutely free. It’s a treasure trove of CrossFit goodness, from workouts to scaling options. Another wallet-friendly option is CrossFit Linchpin by Pat Sherwood, delivering daily workouts at no cost. For a modest $18/month, you get access to a goldmine of warm-ups, scaling choices, and a community app.

So, if CrossFit is practically free, what am I paying for and why should I consider joining a gym like CrossFit Northland?

At CFN, we sell coaching and results, not access. We’re a coaching business leveraging CrossFit methodology to cater to our clients’ needs. Your coaches are your partners in progress. We’re there to guide you, hold you accountable, and ensure your form is on point. You’re not just paying for a workout; you’re investing in a professional environment with top-notch coaching.

At CFN, our coaches are laser-focused on catering to your individual needs. We have the expertise to customize any CrossFit workout, offering seven unique adaptations for seven different individuals. Your investment is in having a guiding hand, ensuring accountability, and meticulous supervision during every deadlift, with the goal of emerging stronger and injury-free. Your payment covers a pristine, professional setting equipped with everything you need, eliminating any obstacles between you and your goals once you step through the door. What you’re really investing in is a wealth of coaching experience and knowledge accumulated over a lifetime, tackling the same challenges you’re facing now, sparing you from starting at square one.

Ready to dip your toes into CrossFit? It’s free—no strings attached. Hop onto and find yourself a workout. But if you’re ready to fast-track your health journey, book a free No Sweat Intro consultation with us. We’re here to turn those shortcuts into sustainable success.

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