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What is a Kegel?

“Kegel” is a broad term for exercising your pelvic floor muscles.  Most people think a kegel is like stopping the flow of urine. Some say that you build these muscles by doing this “kegel” over and over again for a few minutes each day.


When we say that kegels are exercise for your pelvic floor, try to relate that to how you view exercise in general. Or imagine someone coming to you and saying they want to get healthy; they want to start exercising. How would you respond? There are so many forms and ways of exercise, and you’d need to know what their interests and goals are before offering up a suggestion.Think about all the types of exercises out there for us as athletes: Crossfit, weightlifting, running, sprinting, yoga, Pilates, swimming, etc.! 


Now think about some of the other muscle groups in your body.  For example, you don’t just do max strict presses every day to build muscle in your shoulders. You do a variety of exercises at different loads for different reps and then you stretch them and heal them! 


We want you to see “kegels” in a similar way. Our pelvic floor functions one way when we do long endurance workouts and another way when we go for a one-rep max back squat. It’s also important to remember that it can get sore and need rest like any other muscle. 


Take some time to get in touch with your pelvic floor. After all, it’s always supporting you! 😉


Have questions or concerns about your pelvic floor? Reach out to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.

We Got This.

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Coach Becca

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