Last week was a big one for me in the gym. I saw the numbers in my classes increase and I got

 to know more of our athletes, both as a coach and as an athlete myself. There was a buzz in the gym that comes with retesting strength movements and very tough workouts. 


We did some great things as a gym over this last cycle and this is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our athletes and coaches. Over the last five weeks strength PRs were broken, metcon times were reduced, and techniques and movement skills were improved. I loved getting to see several of those successes firsthand.  



What if you didn’t get that PR you expected to? Where are you going to go from here? As I see it, you have two choices:


  1. Go negative – “I suck!”, “I’ll never be good at that movement” Keep doing the same things you have been and hope that the weight will magically go up. Isn’t that definition of insanity? Doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results?
  2. See the positive Reflect on and celebrate your growth as a person and an athlete over the last five weeks. How many obstacles did you overcome to get into the gym over that time? Bad days at work, lack of sleep, seeing a movement or a workout that you really didn’t want to do? Yet you still got yourself through those doors.



What’s the next step going to be for you as we start on new training cycle? What kept you from achieving your goals? Did you have trouble with mobility, strength or movement technique? It may have been a lack of focus on sleep, nutrition or recovery between workouts. Whatever it may be let’s regroup, refocus and seek to fix what held us back. 


It’s okay to fail. Failure gives us an opportunity for growth. Avoiding failure completely keeps us from finding our best self. If we seek to live in a growth mindset, we believe we are in control of our actions to make changes. Living in a fixed mindset leads us to believe that we don’t have the ability to take the necessary steps towards improvement. Which type of athlete will you be?  


We emphasized and celebrated the PRs and excitement that came with them. I love encouraging people to ”Ring that bell”! Some are still a little shy to do it. 



Are PRs the most important part of what’s going on at CFN? I will argue that they are not. I would argue that the process is much more important. Learn to enjoy the process of training. See the small improvements that you made and cherish the relationships that you are building in the gym. 


Your dedication may be inspiring more people than you know, both inside and outside of the gym. I’m inspired by all of our athletes and I’m excited to celebrate your victories in and outside of CFN. 


Coach Casey

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