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Mission: Become Your Happiest

Our mission is to help people become their happiest, healthiest and best selves. But, what exactly does that mean? We begin a series exploring our mission statement!

The Importance of Scaling

What makes scaling important? Why is it something worth doing and exploring?

Pure. Joy.

What does Pure JOY look like? The first think I think of is my 3 year old sprinting across the house from experience to experience….

Thankful People Become Happy People

It isn’t that happy people become thankful people. Rather, thankful people become happy people. Being thankful is a key ingredient in living a life of happiness.

Why I Love This Nutrition Challenge

Instead of promising rapid, unsustainable weight loss or including gimmicks which “trick” your body to lose weight (when in reality you are losing a few extra pounds of water…which is a transient measure of bodyweight already and undoubtedly comes back within a few days or weeks), this challenge is founded on the principles of sustainability through behavior and habit formation.

How to avoid the post-competition blues!

Three quick tips to avoid a slump after training hard for a competition!

Got CF Games Fever? Why A Competition May Be A Good Experience!

Every July the Reebok CrossFit Games occur, testing the 40 fittest women and men and teams to determine who the fittest on Earth is. They…

A Bright Thing About Bright Spots

Each Friday we celebrate the growth, specific achievements, and people of our gym in what we call “Bright Spots Friday”. It is an opportunity for…

Bright Spots Friday

Motivation means desire. Motivation means you have a compelling vision for something. The science of motivation is the science of success. Here’s what we know…

A Reliable Pattern For Growth

It is the beginning of a new year, which means it is a time when a lot of people set new year’s resolutions, evaluate old…

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